Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day Sisters & Brothers

To the sisters:

This day & every day:

  • may we find love, home and peace right where we are.
  • Treat yourself & love yourself better than any man can so you can properly set the standard
  • Please enjoy the video (click the link)

Thank you brothers:

To powerful minds, deep voices, & strong hands.*

  • Michael, Big Mike, Malcolm X, Solomon, Samson, Wes, Sean

To committed hearts, fierce fighters, & passionate lovers.*

  • Donta, Brandon, Randy, Buffalo Soldiers, Jon, Ed, the men in Haiti still looking 4 their wives

To men who bow their heads, read their books, raise their fists, handle their business, & NEVER abandon their families.*

  • Brandon, Sean, Mr. D, Drake, Lincoln, Billy P., Shai's Grandfather,Uncle B., Jon Jon, Keith B., Wes

To beautiful men who still have the glow of God in their eyes.*

  • Billy P., Sean, Jon Jon, Donta, Shai's Grandfather, Malik, Keith B., Wes, Brandon

To every brother worldwide, who ever had a meaningful conversation with us

  • Mr. D, Mr. S, Tash, Wes, Rocky, Donta, Brandon

To every brother who ever taught me a lesson or shared a perspective that I did not consider*

  • Mr. D, Mr. S, Dad, Grandfather, Keith B., Donta, Wes, Pastor

To all the brothers who show me both love & respect

  • Wes, Sean, Jasper, Jon Jon, Rocky, Donta Mark, Maurice, Brandon, Rashodd

To every brother who ever considered my words, thoughts, & feelings and used them to make a positive change in their own lives*

  • Sean, Mo, Justice, Tash, Greyson, Donta

To every brother who ever stood by my side, back and front in death & difficult times.

  • Sean, Jon Jon, Dewight, Lark, Bronson, Donta

The ones who did not run & hide when my voice hit the target, my words seared the soul, or my truth made things too damn clear*

  • Bronson, Lark, Mr. D, Sean, Reggie, Rashodd

To the brothers who prove to be the best lovers. Not because we ever had anything physical. We didn't. Because you loved my spirit, my anger, my strength, my mind...even when I thought it was stank.

  • Sean, Tash, Wes, Reggie, Bronson, Samson, Donta

To the brothers who taught/remind me not every lesson has to be a painful. Some men come to restore.

  • Jon Jon, Grandfather, Dewight, Mark, Bronson, Donta

To the brothers who made me feel beautiful, protected & valued

  • Sean, Rocky, Craig H., Bronson, Donta

To the brothers who are like the blood brothers I never had but always wanted

  • Jon Jon, Ambrose, Will S., Will L., Delano, Donta

To the brothers who love, desire and honor black women exclusively

  • Sean, Leon T., Bronson, Lamar, Will L., Mr. D, J, Michael, Big Mike, Amir, Jason, Mark H., Tyler

Dedications phrases marked with an * are from a passage written by Sistah Souljah. Poetry by Amir Sulaiman

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