Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I was all prepared to have some golden insight on a random fact about love and dating. I had it laid out for you and it would be offered in such a way that your light bulb would shine that much brighter due to my insight. The mysteries of the world would unfold in this post today.

But I ain't feeling it today.

I haven't been feeling like much lately.

It's a pretty unfulfilling place to be in right now.

I wish I could have some blossoming potential situations that make you cheer me on through this love process like Sugar Brown. Or even benefit from the effects of a calming spirit that reflects over my former love life and become a phoenix from the ashes of relationships past like Shai.

Naw....I ain't none of that. I'm just me....T-Gyrl. A mess right now....

My house is an absolute mess! Now, it ain't on a Hoarders level, but Niecey Nash would shake her head and look at me cock-eyed for this abhorrence.

I can't figure out washing my dishes and cleaning the stove right now. I have been eating the same meal I cooked for 2 weeks now, siphoning off meal-by-meal until its time to make another 2-3 week meal. There is only so much cous-cous a girl can eat.

I just got my clothes out of the cleaners. It has been a little while since I put them in.....umm, February '09, I think. I forgot about them until I got......the call. Yes, that is when the cleaners are on the fence about giving your clothes away. Before they do this they normally call you to come get your shit out.

My DVR needs to be cleaned out. I have shows on there from 2008 that, let's face it, I ain't gonna watch. The documentary about the 75 year-old woman being pregnant for 46 years sounded great when I set it. But now.... it falls behind 16 episodes of Wendy Williams, 5 episodes of RuPaul's Drag Race, DWTS, 4 episodes of Unsung, The Idol, 5 episodes of The Office, Law and Order:SVU, 3 episodes of Spongebob Squarepants, The Story of Santa Claus, Law and Order:SVU and 6 other PBS documentaries, so it will never get seen.

Thank the Heavenly Father for an accountant! Who knows when those taxes would have gotten done.

I haven't seem the carpet in my bedroom for a good 7 months. Rather than clean my room, or house for that matter, maybe invite company over, I just decide not to have any company. There's no one I need to see in my house that I can't see from outside of it.

And might I add I have three bottles of wine in my box! I know, right? I can't believe it either. Its not having the bottles that should shock you, its the fact that they have been there for more than three weeks and I am too lazy to buy a bottle opener. That's the real kicker.

They say your outsides reflect your insides. Well, inside must be a crime scene. I can't seem to get it together. Sometimes I think my life sabbatical is about stalling. I've been stalling on major decisions, little tasks....and even stepping on the scale. Waiting for some life inspiring event to motivate me to change. Not so much....

Family, I wish I had something to uplift you with, but there is no point in inspiring you if my inspiration is all worn out. The message of today's post is go do something productive....cuz ain't nothing going on here.

Pray for me y'all....

'Til Next Time,
~ T-Gyrl

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  1. damn.
    prayers sent up.
    i know this space.
    don't wish it on nobody.