Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top 10 List....

Today, I'm going to show my sexist side a little. Hopefully, I won't offend too many guys (i.e. the five guys that read our posts). But I can't help myself, I'm feeling pretty frisky today.

One of my favorite things in the world is chatting it up with my girls, talking about....of We cackle like hens when we share our experiences and preferences for them.

And since I feel like I share everything with you all, I'm gonna let you all know my top 10 things that make me remember why I love men. Now let me warn you, you may see glimpses of my shallowness and sheer weirdness, but hey, if you don't like - go get your own damn blog and post some righteous shit up there. Today, I just feel like being superficial!

TOP 10 things that make me remember why I love men!!

10. Car air fresheners - it sounds weird, but its something about the clean car and the New Car smell that goes hand-in-hand for me with some guys. When I slide my buttocks into the passenger side and become engulfed into the wonderful aroma of a well cared for car makes me feel good inside.

9. Man-brace - I don't know what it is, but I love seeing two dudes greet each other with the man-brace. If you don't know the man-brace, its when two men grab each others hand in an arm wrestle position, followed by an inward pull into opposing shoulder blades. Now the degree of friendliness depends on what the guy does with the other hand. If the guys pat each other on the back with the free hand, then there is a familiarity or "showing love" that you are witnessing. *swooning*

8. Fresh Cut - Nothing says damn better than a dude checkin' his fresh at the barbershop. Whether he's getting a baldy, faded and edged or caesar'd up, he's crisper than a $100 bill when he gets out that chair. And when the barber shapes up the facial hair, we're golden baby!!

7. Clean shoes - Lebron's or mules, I like for a guy to ride clean in his shoes. No worn down soles or twists. Every step he takes make you think the sidewalk is gonna light up like the Billie Jean video. And dress shoes, if he got a kiwi polish kit with brushes and his mama's ol' stockings....hee hee...there are no words!!

6. The Walk - Naturally, this goes with the shoes. The stride becomes everything as far as entrances go. O-M-G, when a man with a nice gait walks into a room....through the room...and out of a room, you can't help but notice. Even your head follows in slow motion as he walks. (No offense to John Travolta, but Denzel changed the walk game like no one else.) The walk can throw a woman's cool off especially if he's headed in your direction. Its like he's walking to the beat of a song, that you are dying to get the soundtrack for.

5. The Stance - Now, this one can have a multitude of variables, but you know it when you see it. My personal favorite is the hands in the pocket of the suit pants. The jacket has to be buttoned up. (Give me a second, my palms are sweating...) Another favorite is the drink hold coupled with the hand in one pocket, especially when its two or more men having a casual discussion with one another. I feel like Steve Irwin, watching in his natural habitat...I don't want disturb his presence.

4. Glasses - This may be a deviation for some of you from me. I actually find glasses on men handsome, particularly if the frames fit their face. Now as long as he don't look like Hammer or Stephen King in his spectacles, it gives a very intelligent look about a man. Even his shades should have the same effect.

3. Color coordination - From a pumpkin to a prince....I like to see a guy transform red, green, purple and brown to cranberry, chartreuse, eggplant and sienna. The gambit of the color spectrum is under his masterful eye as he "coordinates" his colors in his outfit. A shirt, a tie, a sweater and even shoes know no boundaries when organized against the right canvas.

2. Cologne - At this moment, I had a sweet reverie back to a simple time in my life. There was this guy I hated, but the sweet nectar that he splashed on his body everyday I saw him at work made me change my mind about him. Had me all upset when I couldn't walk by him. I was lovesick.....I don't know if a lot of guys realize that the elixirs of sandalwood, cardamom, cedar, and bergamot (to name a few) have dangerous properties known to freeze a woman's brain cells and make her lose her mind. And if a woman is lucky enough to get a hug from a guy with an intoxicating scent....ohhh....jangle-lang, jangle-lang!!

And I know you all are waiting for the No.# 1 reason why I love men....drum roll.....

1. Teeth/Smile - I was turned onto the power of the teeth by a good friend of mine from college. She would tell us that if you can't look at his mouth, no need too look anywhere else. And I have done some scientific research, (I have the data on file) that proves that straight, white teeth and a beautiful smile are NOT mutually exclusive. I have never seen a person with nice teeth NOT have a nice smile. Have you? Have you ever been Taye Diggs'd before ladies? That's when a man smile is so bright, you can't stop looking at his mouth. You can't help but smile when you see him smiling at you.

Feel free to share some additional factors that weren't included on the list. BTW, no guys were harmed in the making of this post.

'Til Next Time,
~ T-Gyrl


  1. I'm ALL ABOUT 1 3 6 7 & 8!!
    & you know you better send Jill her royalties for #6. LOL!!

  2. 8, 6, 5 & 2 = pantees on da flo', do u hear me?! Whooooo CHILE!

  3. Oh! Ya took me 2 choich!!! yes ma'am. waving my Martin Luffa Da Kang fan at ya. Lemme step do the mic & testify on it. Had to clear my head of some memories and get myself together foist! Here is my test-eh-moe-naaay

    9 - yes Lawd
    8 - whew Lawd
    6 - the Lawd is my shep-pee-yard! He KNOW what I wont!
    5 - thank de Lawd
    4 - precious Lawd
    2 - roll of thunder, Lawd hear my cry!
    1 - oh Lawd

    another thing that makes me consider lettin a man give me a reason to say "Oh God" - the way he sits. I know it sounds crazy. But when you slide into the car next to him...and the bass in his voice or the brush of his hand when he reaches for the gear shift causes you to look over at him. That feeling of knowing he's relaxed but still in control of this journey and aware of his role in it. That wide leg "I know who I am and what I have" posture. The sense that he's conscious of his height and girth - this is his territory. hands on the wheel as he turns and smiles asking you if you're strapped in, good to go, need to stop anywhere on the way ...*faint* All that just in the way he sits and handles his car. makes me want to climb in the backseat for a few.

  4. i totally 'spoke' the feelings
    a great smile definately crowns it;-)