Monday, April 5, 2010

Short and Sweet

It's cool not trying to put a rush on you
but I had to let you know
that I got a crush on you
So I know that some of us have covered crushes. Some hate them. Some are apathetic. Blah, blah, blah....I, personally, love them! I know. Sue me. I love the mystery of them. You see, I've had the same crush since I was 13. Yep. 13! And truth be told on it (cuz what else is there to tell??) I don't want it to end. He isn't the one that got away. He's the one I never wanted to catch to begin with. Rock with me on this for a few...
He's been my crush for 17 years. Have I known him in all that time? No. Smelled, Touched or Tasted him in the biblical sense EVER? No. Do I want That would ruin it. I crush on the idea of him. The physical is gorgeous (now and then) but my crushes are based on the man I think you can be. Now ladies, y the hell would I ever want him to open his mouth or touch me...and RUIN all that good fantasy??
He's a slut
He's a ho
He's a freak
Gotta different girl every day of the week
As we grew older and more ladies started to express interest he got cockier and started losing my respect. I couldn't vibe with the "man" he was becoming. So I held on to the boy he was, the guy I knew. I can see traces of him in the grown man that now claims my space. We don't speak often and when we do it's never for too long. That's the way I like it. I can keep my image of him. I can crush on my invention of who I feel he should be. I don't need his sloppy ass reality (that he calls swagger) messing up my handywork. Me and my image of him have a good thing going on. A lasting, bonding, passion of 13 years. The reality of him had become a man wrapped up in himself (which makes for a very small package) and who the hell wants to crush on that??
Not me. I'll stick to waving at him across the facebook and holding the idea of him in my dreams. It may be short lived but damn if it aint so much sweeter that way....

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