Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tappin' and Talkin' with T-Gyrl....

Its time for our favorite segment. Where "you" the reader get to ask "yours truly" for a little sisterly advice while I luxuriate on the new box of wine I just got.

Ohh, here's two I'm sure you guys are going to enjoy.

Dear T-Gyrl,

Why y'all always complaining about men in your blogs? I mean, for real, don't y'all have better things to do then whining about how single you are? You and your crew just air your dirty laundry and promote drunkenness. Maybe if you work on yourself and quit blaming dudes, you might find a good dude out here. All y'all over 30 and single, you must be crazy as hell.


Brother tired of hearing black women complain

Dear Brother,

Give me a second to take a sip of the bubbly...........Wow!! She hurt you that bad, huh? We must really restimulate you badly when you read our posts. Did she put you on blast on a blog? Listen, whatever she did was isolated. It ain't all black women, so don't hold it against me or my DNT sisters. But you know what? I'm glad you're checking out my posts and keep on reading, Bruh!!




Dear T-Gyrl,

I have a bit of a dilemma. My husband has a fantasy of having sex with two women at one time. I'm a pretty free-spirited woman, i.e. LoveSexy. LOL! Well, he already knows the person that he would like to have the threesome with. The "problem" is that I have already had a threesome with this girl and her ex-boyfriend long before I started dating my husband. My husband doesn't know about it. Should I tell him? We are scheduled to hook-up this weekend. By the way, this woman already confessed to being attracted to me.


Stuck in the middle

Dear Stuck,

This requires me to go to the special Hennessey stash that I have for emergency situations such as yours. Okay, you've got a two-fold problem. Your question to me is should you tell him.....what the hell? No dummy, don't you dare tell him. I don't care if it was a long time ago or yesterday. Tuck that in the "secrets ladies never tell" compartment in your brain. You cannot go and tell this man that information. (Family, don't get up in arms with me, she asked me for "my" opinion!)

Stuck, you got bigger problems....this chick has caught feelings for you. Which means she's going to give you "the business" like she means it. Which also means he's going to enjoy it and wanna do it again. Which means again there is gonna be some smoke in the city at some point in this sordid affair. Your best bet is to tell him that you feel really uncomfortable about another woman with you because you want him all to yourself (pfft...liar) and not go through with this. As for the chick, keep your mouth shut and be polite when you are in mixed company with her. And if she corners you, tell her that you have moved on and is committed to your man.

That's all I got for now. Also, another piece of advice would be to tame your hot behind down some. Because your ass is writing checks that your heart can't cash.


'Til Next Time,
~ T-Gyrl

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  1. LMAO @ 1st dude. Not you sipped on your bubbly first. That thing split my side.

    ok - let me focus. Naw, I can't. They both gave me a stye in my eye.